Wedding DJ Singing Jukebox

Around the world, Bingo is one of the most popular games for all ages. The same is true for ‘Name that Tune’ games. JukeBox Bingo combines these 2 fun and popular games into one fun game! Extremely simple, Extremely fun. With 16 variations of the game, we eliminate any monotony. Not only that but we regularly create new games with new music clips keeping it fresh and exciting!



We print customized JukeBox Bingo scorecards before each event. Each card is different and contains the name of a song in each square instead of a number as in traditional bingo. During each game, we play short Clips of songs. Each player looks for that song title on their card and marks it off. Different types of bingo games will be played, with 3-4 rounds being played each night. This is not your typical sit down and be quiet bingo. You will be singing, yelling and even dancing to the music!!  Check out the video below:

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