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“We especially loved the uplighting color he provided. It made a world of difference and I was able to choose the exact color to match!”  

~Ashley – Pink Shell Resort

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Add Color To Your Reception With Uplighting

Simply put, Uplighting turns ordinary rooms into extra ordinary rooms.  It adds color and warmth to any room and creates a totally different atmosphere.  In addition it adds to your photo’s. Just look at the pictures below and in our photo gallery.

Uplighting is the process where theatrical lighting fixtures such as par cans and color bars are used to add color to a room. Fixtures are placed on the floor pointing up projecting color on surfaces such as columns, alcoves, corners and any other piece of architecture that you want to stand out.

Walls can be washed with a specific color or colors to transform a rooms existing color or add additional colors. In the case of a wedding, a bride chooses colors that match her linen colors and/or bridesmaids dresses. The colors are then used to enhance the ambiance of the room. Cake table uplighting is a great example of how the use of colored uplights in a static color or in a strobing pattern can bring focus & attention to that wedding cake you spent hundreds of dollars for.

Uplighting corners and other room angles: We place LED Lighting Fixtures also known as LED par can fixtures on the floor facing up on the walls and other neutral surfaces to add color and brilliance to that area. A room can also appear taller when uplights are used to accent vertical lines. Lighting up the entry way also adds to the excitement. Check out some of the area’s most beautiful resorts and country clubs we have transformed with uplighting.

Today’s LED technology offers a lot more advantages over the traditional incandescent lighting fixtures. LED fixtures are smaller and more discreet, do not get hot, draw little to no power and have the capability of producing virtually any color or tint you want versus the older single colored fixtures requiring the use of colored gel film. These fixtures can be programmed to change colors, dim and even strobe at variable speeds. Another important feature of LED fixtures is safety. Since they do not heat up or get hot, if a child or adult for that matter happens to touch one or try and pick it up they will not get burned.

We offer both wired and wireless battery operated Uplighting.  See the before and after effects of uplighting in the picture below.

Monogram Lighting