Monogram Lighting


Put Your Name In Lights For Everyone To See!

Monogram Lighting is a great way to personalize your special day and bring additional style & elegance to your wedding reception. It is a specialized service that takes some thought and planning. We sit with our clients and help them create a design that fits the theme of their event. We offer two different types of monograms, Static or Motion Monograms.

Static Monograms are fixed designs that do not move or contain motion. It as simple as using your first names or initials or first names with last name initial.  The design is projected on a wall or surface in the room, dance floor or both.  We sometimes use them on the entrance to room where your reception is being held.  Many of today’s couples are using a more customized design such as a heart with the names inside.  We offer a host of different designs or will be happy to customize something for you.  In the photo above, we projected a “Static Monogram” of the bride & grooms name on their white dance floor.  It caught the attention of everyone entering the room!  See a sample of some of our monogram designs below:

Motion Monograms or Animated Monograms as they are sometimes referred to incorporate movement.  This could be a moving back ground with rain falling over your names or your names suddenly appearing from nowhere over clouds with a beautiful moon image. Motion or animated designs will capture the attention of all of your guests. Check out the example below:

Monogram lighting can also be used to draw attention to a certain area such as a backdrop for the cake table area or behind your head table. Combining uplighting with Monogram Lighting can be visually stunning!

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