Wireless Buzzer
Game Show Style Trivia

Old People Playing Trivia

It’s not just the same boring “We’ll read the questions and you write down the answers game”. It’s exactly what it sounds like. People get to play the likeness of their favorite TV game shows in your Country Club, Assisted Living Home, Restaurant, or Bar. We provide 3 to 6 rounds of GAME SHOW TRIVIA. Each round will involve between 4-10 players or teams from our audience that will compete for prizes. It will be just like playing with Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, Howie Mandel, and Regis Philbin. Each Contestant receives a wireless buzzer just like a real TV Game Show. When the contestant knows the answer, they hit the buzzer, it locks out the other contestants, and their name appears on the screen to answer the question. At the end of the round the player with the highest score WINS!

Game Show Trivia is also a great tool for:

  • Wedding Rehearsal Dinners
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Any type of Party or Reunion.

We can customize the questions regarding your family, friends, business, school, community or town!

A DJ With Class game-show style trivia nights can provide fun and excitement to any Venue. We provide a Jeopardy, Family Feud, or Wheel of Fortune like game screen, either on your TV or with projectors, and up to ten teams or individual players can use our ring-in wireless buzzers to play in real-time!

  • No more writing down answers on slips of paper! – Wireless ring-in light-up buzzers keep the pace moving!
  • No more waiting endlessly for scores to be tallied! – Score keeping is automated and all players can see their scores at any time!
  • No more hoping no one is cheating with a cell phone! – Fast-paced buzzer trivia means little or no time for cellphones to provide an edge!
  • No more playing just one game a night! – Excess Trivia can bring 4-5 games of trivia for up to TWENTY teams in just a couple hours!