Thanks to technology and the growing popularity of multimedia, many of today’s couples are asking how they can use this technology to bring a new and affordable excitement to their reception. Creating and/or playing a photo montage of the bride & groom growing up set to the appropriate music to match the pictures is only one of the familiar ways we use video to add to your event.

There are many ways to incorporate video in your wedding reception. As with any form of reception ideas, it all comes down to the personality and style of the bride & groom. They must be open to new ideas and creativity. Showing a small slide show presentation of the Bride & Groom before introducing them can add excitement & Enthusiasm before their grand entrance. During the bride & father or groom & mother dance showing their baby pictures and those special photo’s with mom or dad tug at the heart strings of both your parents and all of your guests.

Having music video’s of your favorite artists is like having them perform for your reception. This is similar to attending a concert today. If you do not have seats close enough to the stage you watch the concert on giant video screens. The concept is same. However you now have a front row seat. It’s awesome!

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