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Karaoke provides all the attraction of live entertainment and puts your guests “In The Spotlight”. What better way is there for your guests to watch their dreams of musical stardom unfold before their very eyes? With Karaoke “When the sun goes down, the stars come out”.

We provide a state of the art sound system with professional microphones, a vocal processor and a TV monitor that displays the song lyrics for the karaoke singer. We do our best to adjust the voice of all singers making them sound as professional as possible. A professional karaoke host will put it all together and make the party come alive. Karaoke can be performed for the duration of your event or interspersed with dance music for your patrons listening and dancing pleasure. We encourage your guests to dance while others are performing provided their is a dance floor and it is not distracting for the singers.

Karaoke is fun for anyone who ever wanted to be a star on stage. It’s for anyone who sings in the shower, in the car or wailed away on an air guitar. It’s for anyone who enjoys watching people have fun. It’s for absolutely everyone, and a night they won’t forget.

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Note:  Please excuse the poor video quality as this video is taken almost 20 years ago. After a long day of Beach Olympics this group closed their day with a lot singing and dancing fun.  This corporate event was actually recorded during an event in June of 1998.

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