Why should I consider Lighting ?

Simply put, Uplighting turns ordinary rooms into extraordinary rooms. It adds color and warmth to any room and creates a totally different atmosphere. In addition it adds to your photo’s.

Uplighting fixtures are placed on the floor pointing up projecting color on surfaces such as columns, alcoves, corners and any other piece of architecture that you want to stand out.

Walls can be washed with a specific color or colors to transform a rooms existing color or add additional colors. Centerpiece and linen colors can be matched to enhance and pull together the ambiance of the room. Cake table uplighting is a great example of how the use of colored uplights in a static color or in a strobing pattern can bring focus and attention to that wedding cake you spent hundreds of dollars for.

Today’s LED technology offers a lot more advantages over the traditional incandescent lighting fixtures. LED fixtures are smaller and more discreet, do not get hot, draw little to no power and have the capability of producing virtually any color or tint you want.

These fixtures can be programmed to change colors, dim and even strobe at variable speeds.  LED fixtures do not heat up or get hot, so if a child or adult for that matter happens to touch one or try and pick it up they will not get burned.

We offer both wired and wireless battery operated Uplighting. Check out the these pictures and video.

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married on 06/18/2016

"A Dj With Class Djs Tom and Carol are great! They "made" our wedding reception. I worked at a country club through college, so I've seen many receptions ruined by an unprofessional DJ.

Tom and Carol are amazing! They know exactly how to keep people engaged, seamlessly set and switch up the pace, and Tom kept the dance floor full and their lighting made our venue look amazing."

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