On Saturday December 7,  Joey and Dawn got married at the beach on 8th Street South in Naples Florida. After their ceremony everyone headed to The Naples Bay Resort for a reception full of fun and surprises. Once Joey and Dawn (Bride and Groom) arrived at the reception, Dawn immediately went and changed into her 2nd wedding gown. Not only did she want to surprise Joey with her 2nd gown, but she wanted a dress more suitable for dancing. As you will see in the video below, She was on the dance floor the entire night.

Now it was Joey’s turn to surprise Dawn, and that he did during their first dance with our Dancing On Clouds Dry Ice Effect. It was something she had wanted from the beginning and she truly loved it. Everyone had a great time especially Joey and Dawn. Nothing, not even his wheel chair was going to stop the groom Joey from entertaining and having the time of his life. Dawn loved the Uplighting we did in Blue and Purple as it matched perfectly with her decor.

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